Chapathi Machine

SS Hi-Tech makes Automatic chapathi making machines which is highly productive and best for commercial Chapathi production. Hotels, caterers and food business units can use this machine to make their production increase in large volume without compromising on the quality. With over a decade of experience in the food service industry, SS Hi-tech Manufacturers offers high quality wheat Flour chapatti Machines designed for better and higene food processing.

Our machine can produce near 1000 chapathis per hour and the quality will be very high. This machine will consume very less energy and it is easy to use and maintain. We have many satisfied customers who use this Chapati making machine and they are our source of strength to move forward.

Features of Chapathi Making Machine

Chapati making machine manufactured by SS Hi-Tech can make near 1000 chapattis in one hour, and this saves a lot of time and man power. The chapathis made by this machine will be homely and highly hygienic.

You can use normal wheat flour with this Chapathi Making Machine for making soft and high quality Chapathis in big volume. The chapattis made will surely remain fresh and soft even after few hours. This Chapathi Maker Machine is highly useful in Restaurants, Industrial canteens, schools, college and Army mess, Tiffin Services and MNC canteens etc.