001 Pappadam Machine / Appalam machine

SS Hi-Tech Machineries specialises in Semi Automatic Pappadam Making Machines (Appalam making machines). SS Hi-tech is pioneers in the making of Pappadam making machines (Appalam making machines) and supplied to aver 100 clients across India. We have more than a decade of experience in making Food processing machinery, specially Semi Automatic Pappadam making machines. We serve a satisfied clientele across India who certifies our machines for ease of use, easy maintenance, power efficiency, consistent food and minimum use of space.

We thank our clients that their inputs and suggestions made our machinery more customer friendly and it made us innovate new technologies to make pappadam making an easy process. As our pappadam making machine can produce around 2000 pappadams per hour (depends on thickness of pappadam and operator experience), the industrial production of pappadam or appalam becomes more efficient and productive. This makes the companies achieve more heights in their business.

pappadam /panipuri / Appalam chips making machine. heavy duty, Enter Material Designed in special material. Machine have M.S Heavy Duty frame,graded cast iron, stainless steel , sheet ,reduction Gear box, convetyour belt ,ring (Dies), food Graded PVC, hygiene meterial used. Machine run on single phase 1.5 hp / 2hp Electric motor capacity 20kg to 100kg pappadam /Appalam in one hour

Pappadam Small Type Machine


  • Easy to use
  • Operator Friendy
  • More than 2000 pappadams per hour
  • Maintenance very easy
  • Energy efficient, uses very less power
  • Makes high quality pappadams
  • Need very less man power
  • Required very less space
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