How many pappadams can make per hour?

About 2000 pappadams (Appalam) can make per hour. Based on the thickness of pappadam and operator efficiency it may vary.

Will quality of products differ when making?

No, you can produce the same quality product using our machine.

Will this machine consume more power?

No, our machines will consume less power comparing other machines.

How will be the after sales support from SS Hi-Tech?

SS Hi-Tech have an experienced team of expert technicians and we will reach in a very short time for your service depend on the distance from our office.

Is this machine easy to maintain?

Yes, It is very easy to maintain this machine.

Will SS Hi_tech provide training to use this machine?

Yes, We provide training about the working process and maintenance.

How soon the machine will be delivered after the order confirmation?

We will deliver the machine within 20 days from the order confirmation.